Nipple Covers

The bare consistent self-cement areola covers are totally undetectable while wearing them and can consummately cover the whole areola region, lifting and supporting the bosom with a characteristic shape. The imperceptible bras are ideal for strapless, risqué, profound V wedding/party/evening dress and low profile outfits, demonstrating your enchanting bosom and improving your provocative fabulousness.

The strapless bras are structured with a cement bosom lift tape, which can make your bosom moment lift and firm.the bunny glue bra is made of skin-accommodating, delicate silicone which won’t effortlessly descend; It can without much of a stretch assemble and lift the bosoms and improve cleavage, incredible for more full busts and keeps them from drooping.

Friendly with Skin

The clingy bra pasties made of clinical evaluation gel-hypoallergenic and 100% skin-accommodating, sheltered, delicate, and agreeable to wear, appropriate for touchy skin.A fragile approach bra-less.


Nipple Covers
Nipple Covers

The overhauled silicone pasties accompany a cement bosom lift tape which make your bosom moment lift and firm. This push up clingy bra secures and shrouds areolas in an unobtrusive way, getting imperceptible underneath a wide range of attire, from attractive straightforward pullovers, dresses or T-shirts!


After each utilization, flush with warm water underneath 86℉ and gentle cleanser at that point air dry. Subsequent to drying, the plastic sheets can be reattached on and placed them taken care of for again use.


Reusable Silicone charming hare ear Nipple Covers with Breast Lifts are extraordinary to ensure and conceal areolas. Keep your bosoms lifted, upheld, and energetic.

These pasties petals are ideal answers for Tops, Blouse Shirts, Strapless, Backless, Gowns, Wedding Dress, Deep-V, and Swimwear.After each utilization, just flush the petals pasties with warm water underneath 30 ℃ and mellow cleanser, at that point air dry.

Try not to open it to sun, air dry in the shade.

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