If you want to buy an entry-level pro scooter, then you need to look at the quality S2 pro stunt scooter From Vokul  

Intended for 7-14-year-olds yet with the capacity to take as much as 140 pounds, there is the degree for a lightweight grown-up to likewise have some genuine hurrying play on this shrewd looking ride. It has a decent sticker price as well – coming in at under $70 – and you get all the spec you have to begin in hurrying free-form. Produced using lightweight aluminum with a Y-molded carbon steel handlebar for additional solidness, the S2 is an agreeable genius vokul stunt scooter to jump on and ride.

The parity is likewise acceptable, giving you the certainty to work in the essential stunts, while the entire bike feels durable on the straight when working up some steam.

Great to utilize straight out of the container, this is a decent purchase on the off chance that you need to give fundamental star hurrying a go.

How About Vokul stunt scooter Dack And Headtube

The Vokul TRII S2 Stunt Scooter decks are tough and have extraordinary looking structures that bring Stable Performance for the fledgling rider with effective composite brake.

This scooter deck width of 3.9 inches and length of 18.7 inches. also its foot space of 12.9 inches.head tube with a 82.5 point that is totally made of aluminum amalgam. and Wheels are High Rebounding PU.

Amazing scooter!

This is an extraordinary item with an incredibly smooth ride however more significantly this is an incredible organization. This is the second bike that we purchased and they have been stunning. At the point when my children bike stem parted from extremely hard riding. I messaged them and they supplanted it the following day. I would prescribe the bikes to anybody.

Whats About The Best Entry Level Scooters?

The inquiry consistently originates from the guardians of the more youthful riders, typically 7-12 years of age with practically zero bike experience.

Vokul have its own motivations to characterizing what ‘section level’ or learner bike implies as Vokul free-form professional bike brand is unique in relation to other bike marks that we’re structure and creating bike likewise select proffesioanl master bike rider around the world.So proceed to check what’s extraordinary passage expert bike follow vokul.

Pro Service

This Pro Scooter arrangement is for Begining riders, kids developed at least 7. It’s lightweight, anyway, it can up to 220 lbs! With an organized assurance card in the pack and Customer Service Department for any requests. Solicitation Now Risk-Free.


  • Weight : 8.86 pounds
  • Its a best freestyle pro entry-level scooter
  • 7-14 years anyone can ride
  • Made it aircraft aluminum
  • Carbon steel Y-shaped handlebar

Question: what is the size of this scooters ?

Answer: 26″deck size and 31″height

Question: Is the Grips Are Soft ?

Answer: Sure, its soft also comfortable!


  • Perfect starter ace Scooter for stunts and free-form riding.
  • Its a goods scooter for 7-12 years children
  • All the Good thing that you want a scooter I think you find here


  • Its not for adults
  • maximum weight capacity 140 pounds

we hope you enjoy this scooters. also if your any advise please don’t forget to leave a feedback . thanks


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