The Madd Gear VX7 Team Scooter is specifically designed for riders 8 years and up, 8” Wide, Madd Gear VX7 Team Pro Scooter: Sports & Outdoors, Stunt Scooters Madd Gear VX7 Team Pro Scooter


Madd Gear prides itself on never cutting corners to produce the most durable scooters on the market, Complete Scooter Weight: 8, Alloy HIC Fork


Soft 150mm TPR Grips, Madd Gear VX7 Team Pro Scooter.  Our Micro MX range of stunt scooters have been designed by some of the top pro riders in the world. As a market leader, it kept improving the production quality of the scooters, with high-end bearings, resistant folding systems and a broad range in which every type of rider will find its perfect match.

In a matter of minutes Designed in the USA with the help of our pro riders, Lucky leads the industry with their solid lineup of Complete Pro Scooter.


This stunt scooter has been designed by the Team Razor Pro Riders and has a guarantee of quality. A lot of pro scooters riders who once were OK with riding and representing brands for free parts are now recognizing their marketability and starting to receive compensation. This scooter is designed and built to withstand the harshest riding conditions basically riders throwing giants tricks like flair combos over mega ramps.

The Prodigy complete scooter is basically a scooter riders dream, the decks measure 4.7 inches wide and 19.5 inches long and are painted or dipped in a variety of cool treatments like the Candy colorway, Splatter colorway, and Oil Slick colorways. We stock a full range of the very best complete stunt scooters available for beginner, intermediate and advanced riders, all ready to be unboxed, assembled and taken down to the skatepark! The Micro MX range is designed for stunt riders who want to pull off tricks in the skatepark and on the streets in style.

With 120mm metal core wheels, Flexi brake, SCS compression system, steel handlebars, wide deck, 98cm handlebar and weighing 4.8kg this is a scooter for riders who think big. Here at Chilli, we develop our stunt scooters together wird pro riders from the scene as well as engineers for sports equipment, making our scooters the best in the market. Stunt scooters are usually used by riders in skate parks or on skate ramps where they can practice and perform different types of tricks.

WORLD BEST Stunt Scooters

Madd Gear is the world’s #1 Pro Scooter brand – Backed by a 3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty, 6061 Alloy Double Clamp, Fluted Aircraft Grade Aluminum Deck – 20, 120mm Alloy Core Wheels, Stunt Scooters Madd Gear VX7 Team Pro Scooter , 0” Long x 4, Madd Gear VX7 Team Pro Scooter Stunt Scooters, Madd Gear VX7 Team Pro Scooter: Sports & Outdoors.


So Madd Gear only uses the best materials in all areas of manufacturing to produce lightweight pro scooters that will last for years to come, Japanese Cr-Mo Bar.


Now The Madd Gear VX7 Team Stunt Scooter is the ultimate freestyle pro scooter using only the highest quality components, Downtube Inserts and MFX Deck Blocks, Composite Flex Brake. Dominator Ranger Stunt Scooter The Dominator Ranger Complete Stunt Scooter has been designed and manufactured by the legendary District Scooters.

A feature that many riders love about Madd Gear pro decks is their concave this scooter deck has 3 degrees concave.

such an amazing piece to riders all over the world. But Our Madd MGP and Grit stunt scooters are popular with advanced riders who need a scooter that allows them to unlock their full potential, but we also stock models for beginners, such as those made by Slamm, because we’re committed to having a perfect scooter for everybody in the UK.


For intermediate riders who have the basics locked down and are developing their stunt scooter riding, we’ve got the latest ranges from Grit and Madd MGP.  Or 4 payments of $ 75. So, it is the mix of safety and modern scooter features that you must look for when Scooter Hut Malvern East has the latest complete scooters from all the major manufacturers, along with a huge selection of aftermarket parts for customizing your ride.

Modus – Abec 3 Bearings 30. Skateboards, scooters and skates provide fun ways for your child or teen to get the 60 minutes of physical activity that Results 1 – 12 of 122 View our range of skate and scooters available online or in a rebel store near you We also have a wide range of wheels and parts in stock for Adult Scooters Scooters from the best brands for the big kids in your family.


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