With regards to stunt kick scooter, you can’t be guided by the rules of picking cruising bikes. Those kick bike types have been intended for various purposes: one was made for doing stunts while the other is intended for basic cruising, as their names suggest. so now we ready to talk about Fuzion Scooter (X3 Pro ).

On the off chance that you are searching for a trick kick scooter, we think we have a decent alternative for you. On our Fuzion X3 Pro Scooter survey, we will analyze X-3 Pro, an incredible trick scooter for tenderfoots, also that we are likewise going to give you a purchasing guide on stunt scooters.

Features of Fuzion X3 Pro Scooter:

X-3 Pro trick scooter includes a 6061 aluminum sunken deck, which packs enough in it to withstand an assortment of stunts like tailwhips and board slides. The deck has likewise a decent width to it: it is 4 inches wide!

The recently structured neck is solid yet especially light. The neck is associated with the deck through the “bother” fork, which acknowledges up to 110mm wheels. By and large, the strong 7.1lbs development of X-3 Pro Fuzion scooters can withstand up to 220lbs.

Fuzion X3 Pro Scooter Review
Fuzion X3 Pro Scooter

Pro-Rise Custom Bars

The custom bars produced using molded HT steel draw motivation from top of the line proficient trick scooter models. It isn’t customizable, however that is really not an awful thing for stunt scooters. X-3 Pro is worked from as scarcely any parts as conceivable to guarantee that there are no powerless focuses, which is clearly profoundly significant for stunt kick scooters.


Another significant part of this Fuzion scooters is its pressure framework that assists with keeping it continually dialed, for example keeps all the segments of the scooter at the right pressure.

X-3 Pro Fuzion Scooters accompanies a coordinated headset pressure (IHC) framework, which is astoundingly simple to dial the scooter with. You don’t need to take the wheel off to have the option to dial the scooter similarly as with some different kinds of pressure frameworks. Furthermore,Fuzion X-3 Pro is dialed out of the case.


Another bit of leeway of X-3 Pro trick scooter is its ease of get together. You just need to put the neck and the deck and fork together and fix three jolts, and the scooter is prepared to ride. As we previously referenced, there is no compelling reason to dial the X-3 Pro before the principal stunt ride.


X-3 Pro accompanies 100mm wheels. The 85 polyurethane wheels are directly at the focal point of the hardness scale and are neither too hard nor excessively delicate. Hard wheels are explicit to stunt scooters, however X-3 Pro accompanies to some degree delicate wheels, offering a harmony among footing and feel of the ground. This won’t be reasonable for cutting edge riders however will be perfect for tenderfoots.

The clamor free nylon/steel brake carries out its responsibility very great, however it presumably won’t be the most productive brake you can meet on stunt scooters.


X-3 Pro accompanies introduced ABEC-9 course, which ought to have the option to convey smooth riding experience. Be that as it may, you presumably won’t be happy with its smoothness in the event that you anticipate totally consistent execution, so you may need to transform them.

Color Choices

X-3 Pro arrives in a wide scope of hues, including gold, dark, white, red, and others. The shading plan isn’t that significant, yet why not pick a shading that can supplement your riding style?


  1. Intensely developed scooter supports to 220lbs of weight.
  2. 4-inch wide curved deck.
  3. Just weighs 7.1lbs.
  4. Simple to-dial coordinated headset pressure (IHC) framework.
  5. Simple to collect.
  6. Quiet and proficient brake.
  7. A decent scope of shading plans


  1. Grumblings on the solidness of the scooter and the brake specifically.
  2. Not smooth heading.
  3. The handlebars are not customizable.

Why Should You Buy Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter?

X-3 Pro trick kick scooter was intended for fledglings. Initially, it is reasonable. Furthermore, it has a genuinely solid development, however it unquestionably isn’t the most sturdy trick scooter on the planet. Additionally, the to some degree delicate wheels will pretty much restrain your trick performing capacity.

X-3 Pro offers a decent equalization of highlights to assist novices with getting acclimated with stunt scooters. So all things considered, X-3 Pro will be a serious decent decision for fledglings and not very great pick for cutting edge stunt riders.

Buying Guide

As we referenced toward the start of the audit, stunt kick scooters have their own complexities. It isn’t hard to get one, yet for every scooter type, you would need to do isolate look into. Allows now rapidly analyze the highlights of trick scooters you ought to be searching for.

No Foldability And Adjustability

Every one of those collapsing and modification focuses on the handlebar and the neck of the scooter make it more vulnerable basically. A decent trick scooter should be sufficiently tough to withstand harsh ride and stunt riding.You most likely won’t see collapsing or flexible trick scooters out there, yet realize that there is really an explanation for the nonattendance of foldability and flexibility. X-3 Pro is an incredible case of this prerequisite.

Compression System

The pressure frameworks are the systems keeping the kick scooter dialed. Performing stunts clearly loses the scooter, making the requirement for oftentimes dial the scooter. Contingent upon the sort of the pressure framework, the dialing procedure can be either very simple or totally irritating.

X-3 Pro Fuzion scooters accompanies tolerably solid and simple to utilize coordinated headset pressure (IHC) framework, which is very like the concealed inner (HIC) framework. Less expensive trick scooters can accompany Internal/coordinated pressure (ICS) frameworks, which can’t be directed without evacuating the wheel. The best framework is the simple to utilize standard pressure framework (SCS), which is ideal for serious tricks because of its sturdiness.

Non-Spring Brakes

Less expensive trick scooters are regularly furnished with spring-worked brakes, and you ought to stay away from them if conceivable. Indeed spring-based brakes wear off rapidly, beginning to annoyingly shake. On the off chance that you need to utilize a trick scooter for quite a while, pick a model with non-spring brakes.


Less expensive trick scooters are regularly furnished with spring-worked brakes, and you ought to stay away from them if conceivable. Indeed spring-based brakes wear off rapidly, beginning to annoyingly shake. On the off chance that you need to utilize a trick scooter for quite a while, pick a model with non-spring brakes


Getting a decent trick kick scooter isn’t as simple as picking the best cruising scooter. There are a lot more subtleties that should be represented. In any case, we can’t state that it is madly troublesome either.

Fuzion X-3 Pro trick scooter is an incredible model for amateurs. In the event that you preferred it, why not check out it? Something else, keep on searching for the perfect trick scooter!


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