Even Novices Have the Right to Have a “Real” Skateboard As well

In the event that you’ve searched for “first” skateboards, the main thing you notice is the manner by which plain, firm and clingy they are. Nothing at all like the sheets you see deceiving out at the skate park. The second thing you may see is while most novice sheets are for grown-ups and kids – the plans are whimsical. It’s humiliating for grown-ups. Furthermore, for our children who rush to wanna grow up, infantile isn’t the means by which they see themselves.

So, Arcade Pro, A Ready-To-Ride Complete Skateboard for anyone.

Pro Custom Deck

Arcade Pro Skateboard Deck includes a One Degree Inward and Twofold Kick Tails. It’s smooth enough for fledglings to figure out how to skate alongside strong foot arrangement, however, it offers the adaptability for when they’re sufficiently bold to attempt those first deceives! Produced using 6061-T6 Airplane Aluminum, the trucks on this deck are as intense as they are light! You may not be hitting any 180 heelflips at the present time, yet we prepared The Star to be 100% when you are! What’s more, Carbon Steel Axles support even the most unpleasant fledglings.

Float Along As though You’ve Done Everything Previously!

Everybody realizes you can’t go quick with clingy direction, and there’s nothing all the more fulfilling as the sound of smooth wheels on a smooth surface, isn’t that so? While most tenderfoot skateboards highlight ABEC 5 Appraised Orientation and unpleasant modest wheels, the Arcade Star is fitted with ABEC 7 – the business standard for sheets over this level. 54mm Infused PU Skateboard Wheels with 88a durometer give apprentices hold yet in addition speed when they need it. Alright for children, and smooth for grown-ups! Everybody merits an extraordinary arrangement of wheels.

Colorways That Aren’t Only For Children

While every other person blunders around on their exhausting plain sheets, you, or your children will really resemble a genuine skater with your Arcade Pro Skateboard. We work with genius riders and skate craftsmen to breathe life into the most diseased colorways! There are 5 to pick: Neon, Magma, Mushroom Buddy, Ying Yang Felines or Ducky Cylinder. They’re directly for kids, without being immature for grown-ups. The deck includes a littler coordinating decal on the grasp tape – no exhausting dark holds here. So feel free to investigate each of the 5, and afterward pick your fave!

Custom Parts

it has taken the best pieces of costly sheets and altered The Professional for the most fulfilling ride. No compelling reason to supplant parts like comparative sheets!

  • 54mm Infused PU Wheels/32mm wide
  • 88a Durometer for Hold and Speed
  • ABEC 7 Orientation
  • Tough T-6061 Airplane Aluminum Trucks
  • Flexi 7-Utilize Maple Wood Deck
  • Concave Structure (1 Degree)
  • Carbon Steel Axles

Who Can Ride This Board?

The Arcade Pro Skateboard is a light, yet solid 5lbs – worked for apprentices matured 7 years and that’s just the beginning!

  • Ages: No Restrictions!
  • Max Weight – 220lbs
  • Deck 7.75″ x 31.25″ (Max shoe size 12)
  • Suitable for any tallness

From the illustrations to the assemble, The Arcade Genius is the main apprentice board made for all ages

Included Sticker Pack

Your request likewise comes stacked with a logo sticker pack including plans by genius skate specialists. At the point when your Arcade Professional shows up, the main thing you have to do is unpack it and begin skating! Notice the shaded jolt toward one side of your board – it’s a quick hack to assist you with separating the front and the back at a solitary look. There’s nothing to fix, nothing to gather and nothing else to purchase. The grasp tape is as of now applied, along these lines, simply get outside like a child at 6 am on Christmas Day!

Trucks & Wheels

In contrast to certain sheets, you won’t have to substitute your trucks and wheels for “something better”. Since we plan them directly here in the USA, they’re better as of now!


With longer than 10 years in architect bikes, we’re pleased to present to you the most recent in novice sheets that feel Simply like a $300 one! Accompanies a multi Year Guarantee in addition to 30-Day Unconditional promise and Client care Division for any inquiries. Request Currently Hazard Free. Furthermore, in case you’re searching for Cruiser Skateboards, head over now to our new posting since they JUST dropped!


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